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Size of the rings


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1. Have your finger measured by a jeweller with a "ring tool" (a chain of rings with different sizes that the jeweller tries on your finger to find the right size).

2. Measure or estimate yourself the inner diameter of a ring that fits you. To help you, you can see below some rings with the finger size and the inner diameter.

Print this page and check the measures that correspond to your finger (10 cm on the screen = 10 cm on the printed page). Then put a ring that fits you on the printed page and when the inner diameter of your ring fits with the inner diameter on the printed page, it means that you have found your finger size.


Click Here to View Equivalent Countries Ringsize.


Download the file and print it

How to know the size of your finger

Download the file and print it


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Zephyr necklace Zephyr necklace USD 77.00
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Created by Song Thu Bon